Wine Club Spring

Kings Carey Creator Consortium

When we sat down to discuss what we wanted our “wine club” to look like, the conversation quickly turned to all of the things we dislike about wine clubs. (Let’s be honest, no one needs another branded bottle opener.) So we started chatting about what we do like. Our goal with this club is to create an ever-evolving, ever-growing creator consortium anchored by Kings Carey wines.

So what on earth is a “creator consortium”, you ask? Good question. As creators ourselves, we have a talented sphere of friends who are also creators. These friends are winemakers, distillers, brewers, bakers, chefs, potters, coffee roasters and the like. All makers we support in our daily lives, and we (humbly) believe need to be introduced to more people.

With that in mind, we’re striving to create a somewhat different kind of “club”. A consortium. Something that by definition, brings people together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. With each Kings Carey Creator Consortium shipment, you will receive something made by one of our friends. We want to share things we love with the ones that love what we make.

Each release will include two (2) different Kings Carey wines + a creator gift.

(Creator gift will only be available for approximately two weeks following club shipment date.)

Our plan is to release two (2) club shipments per year.

As we mentioned in December, this is going to be an ever-changing work-in-progress. With the world as it [still] is, we are slightly limited as to the possibilities for in-person events; but, once we can all be safely together again, there will be so much more. Special winemaker dinners, barrel tastings, and Camp Kings Carey member getaways are all part of the plan. If you haven’t started a membership, sign up today and join our wine-drenched adventure.

To join the “Club”, please email winemaker James Sparks at or sign up, below.